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Studio Membership

Expressions Pottery Workshop is a co-operative studio with 32 members who collectively run all aspects of the studio. Members enjoy 24 hour access to our fully functional pottery studio. The studio boasts ten potter’s wheels, an oversized slab roller, an extruder, personal cubbies, a wide variety of glazes, and an electric and gas kiln. Members may show and sell their work in our gallery as well as at other events scheduled throughout the year. All members assist in running the studio, which includes firing kilns, making glazes, covering the gallery, etc. Working as a co-operative, we provide each other with ongoing studio support as well as a community of peers which offers encouragement to each potter to work at their own pace independently.
To meet our members and learn where they may be showing their work please click here: meet Expressions members.
To learn more about becoming a member, please click here: Becoming a Member.

Studio Rental

Potters with previous experience have the opportunity to rent at Expressions for a cost of $100 per month. Renters will enjoy the camaraderie of other potters with 24 hour access and open bench time (except during classes, member meetings and studio events.) Renters are provided personal storage spaces for tools, clay, and bisque and glazed pieces. All work is fired for the Renters by Members at cone 06 for bisque and at cone 10 reduction for glaze firings. If you are interested in learning more detail about Rental opportunities with Expressions, please click here: Becoming a Renter.


Expressions runs 6 to 8 classes annually with up to 9 students per class. Day and evening classes run quarterly and simultaneously in 9 week sessions, 8 weeks during the summer. Each student has 24 hour access with open bench time and is guaranteed a potter’s wheel during class. Students also enjoy access to the majority of the studio amenities including a large slab roller, and extruder, personal storage and a wide variety of glazes.
Our fabulous teachers are some of our most experienced and creative members. On occasion we may also bring in potters from our local community for our students enjoyment. Students learn how to prepare the clay, how to throw on the potter’s wheel, how to trim a foot, and how to glaze each of their pieces. All classes are hands on with demonstrations of techniques backed up with handouts for future reference. Depending upon the class and the teacher, students may also learn how to use the slab roller and the extruder and will be exposed to a boundless variety of pottery techniques from our experienced staff.
Members fire all student work and return the pieces to each student’s shelves. An interesting note is that a major portion of Expressions existing members began as students of the studio. Students, Renters and Members are each an important and valuable part of the Expressions community.
Our classes are designed for beginner to intermediate potters. We encourage you to join us for a class to learn to play with clay or build upon your existing experience. For more information about our classes, equipment, glazes, dates, costs, enrollment, etc. please click here to be directed to the Classes menu: Classes.
To go directly to our enrollment information, please click here: Class Enrollment.

Become a Friend

Expressions provides Friends with notification via email several times a year of upcoming events and opportunities for the public to visit the studio and see potters at work. This is our preferred method of green communication about our events and happenings. Please know we do not believe in excess, an email or two a month from us would be a lot! To become a friend and be one of the first to learn of our Expressions events, please subscribe to our mailing list.
News and Special Events
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Winter Pottery Classes
Jan 3, 2018
Class starts 1/03/18 for evening class and 1/09/18 for the morning class. See additional class info here.

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